Kid Kulinaire

Kid Kulinaire is an upcoming television series and transmedia franchise created by corporate chef and fitness expert Brian Robinson (Culinary Institute of America class of 90') who has served for companies like Disney, COSI (Central Ohio Science Institute), Bon Vie/Bravo/Brio Restaurant Group, AVI Food Systems, Sodexo and the Limited. This innovative franchise takes on several challenges such as kitchen safety for kids, cooking healthy and delicious food, bringing families together while inspiring and healthy and fit lifestyle.

It is by far one of MicoVision's largest projects where we are able to apply a wide variety of our capabilities and disciplines. MicoVision created a responsive website, banner adverisements and printed materials to promote this awesome new venture for kids.

Web Development

kidkulinaireMicoVision Interactive created a responsive website complete with various sections including a blog, recipe book, interactive games and leverages social media with aggregation from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

The website is membership driven with different functions for free and premium guests. This site is a companion to the children's television in development and also can be a stand alone revenue generating venture.

Check out the website at!

Slide Show Banners

Because of the size of website and all its sections that cover various topics... MicoVision creates a visually appalling slides which are also retooled to serve as advertising banners used in social media initiatives. Think of them as like postcards from a magical place. They're designed to bring people in.


Banner Advertising

MicoVision also created various banner advertisements instrumental to drive traffic to the site for affiliates and health/fitness related sites.

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768x90 Banner Ad

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468x60 Banner Ad


fanpage banner

226x236 Banner Ad


Print Materials

In addition to the digital advertisements, banners and post cards derrived from the slideshows mentioned above, MicoVision also created several print ads which can be inserted in magazine publications or as a standalone flyer.

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