Beverly Wilshire

Beverly Wilshire wanted to differentiate themselves from the other limousine services in Beverly Hills. MicoVision created a new unconventional and refreshing image different from all other limo companies. They hired us to create that new image... we did just that by designing their logo and print materials. MicoVision also designed and built their website. We even wrote the copy.

Brand & Identity

Inspired by the wings of a plane, the majestic presense of a hood ornament and a boat plowing through the waters, MicoVision created this logo and chose a color scheme which evokes a timeless, bold and refreshing feeling while maintaining a regal feel. The logo had to be both be elegant, timeless and bold to capture the larger than life clientele Beverly Wilshire has. The concept of land, sea & air is a recurring theme and the logo had to simbolize that.

logo colors

In a world where there are no shortage of transportation service companies, we created a brand for Beverly Wilshire Limousine service a company known not only for the four wheeled variety but also for luxury yacht and jet charters. 


Simple... Easy to Use and Responsive. MicoVision took a look at every limo company and went the other way. Visitors can browse the selection of cars and book a reservation online. The website is responsive meaning that it will dynamically reformat to the device or size of the browser window. Visit to see this website in action.


Print Materials

Business Cards

MicoVision was tasked to create a business card which people will want to keep and set the appart from the competition and a brochure that is both clean and informative.  



Trifold brochures can feel cluttered. When MicoVision designs print materials, we maximize the space through clever placement of elements and a design that warps your perception making you feel as though the surface area of the literature is larger than it actually is. MicoVision also wrote the copy and made sure that the content corresponds with the website.

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